About Us

Consulting Engineers in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and North Carolina

About us

“Do you have an engineer you can trust?”

VECO is a local engineering firm based in Covington, Louisiana. Our Engineers are licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Our rates are well below those of the national engineering firms that are often mired in bureaucracy.

At VECO one of our engineers will personally return your call, usually within 24 hours. Our average turnaround time from initial contact to presentation of the final report is often less than one week, including inspection and analysis. We know prompt and reliable answers are critical in evaluating your issue or claim.

VECO Engineers have testified as experts in both State and Federal Courts and consulted in many mediations, arbitrations and appraisals.  Our qualifications, reputation and credibility speak for themselves.

Our Process


What went wrong?


How did this happen?


Can we explain it?

Accidents and property damage happen. And the answers to these questions can make the difference between failure and a successful resolution of the issues. VECO engineers have been answering these questions for more than 25 years. We analyze the equipment, structural failure, and reconstruct the scene to help identify the culpable parties. We point out the mitigating facts and uncover human error.

Why Us ?

Forensics is the science of how and why. VECO engineers produce more than opinions. We present the facts. We use science to present comprehensive results in a way easily understood by our clients, judges and juries. Our reports are written in language that condenses complex technical principles into the answers you need to make a decision.

Our Engineers

At VECO Consulting, we are proud of our award winning team of engineers. With over 55 years of combined experience in the industry, it’s easy to see how choosing us for your consulting needs is the smart decision.

Kevin Vanderbrook

Principal Engineer and Owner

Kevin joined VECO Consulting, L.L.C. as an engineer in 2000. With a degree in hydrology from the University of Virginia, a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of New Orleans and five years of construction experience, Kevin brings a broad background in both civil and structural engineering. Kevin is now the principal owner of VECO and is committed to our clients who will get the same level of professionalism and attention to detail they’ve come to expect. An experienced testifying engineer with qualification as an expert witness in many jurisdictions, Kevin’s specialties include failure analysis, structural evaluations, cause and origin inspections, and water intrusion investigations. Kevin lives in Covington, Louisiana with his wife Kim, and kids Lucy (19) and Finn (16).

Fred Vanderbrook

Founder, Retired

Founder and owner of Vanderbrook Engineering Company for the first 20 years, Fred Vanderbrook has specialized in the field of Forensic Engineering for 25 of his 37 years as an engineer. Now partially retired, VECO Consulting has been passed down to Kevin Vanderbrook who will take VECO forward while maintaining the level of professionalism and client commitment we have built this business on.  Fred’s background also includes oil refinery experience, operation of a construction company and a stint as Senior Vice President of an engineering design company.

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