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About VECO Consulting

For 35 years VECO Consulting, LLC has offered professional engineering services to the regional and Gulf Coast area. From its inception, VECO has specialized in providing the legal and insurance industry with prompt inspections, reports and vital information they need to make important decisions. With VECO, projects are never farmed out. Our engineers personally follow each case from the beginning to end and provide trustworthy and reliable opinions where they matter the most.


What We Do

Structural Evaluation

Reliable assessment of the structural integrity of residential and commercial structures and determination of the cause of failure and possible remedies.

Slip/Trip Accident Investigations

We will evaluate injury locations to determine applicable standards and codes to determine compliance.

Damage Analysis

Inspection of damaged residential and commercial structures and determination of the nature and extent of damages.

Code Research

Fast and accurate code research in building codes at our fingertips in Veco’s extensive library.

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