A few of our specialties.

We specialize in:

Building Code Compliance

Industrial & Large Commercial Losses

Water Intrusion Causation

Construction Liability & Builder’s Risk

Product Liability Subrogation Claims

Structural Evaluations

Slip/Trip Accident Evaluation

Storm Damage Assessment

Coefficient of Friction Testing

How can we help you?

Property Evaluation & Assessment

Natural Disaster

Personal Injury

Civil Engineering

Other Services

Cause & Origin Investigation

Determination of the cause of most fires, including the determination of appliance failure as a fire source. Veco Consulting’s NAFI certified Fire and Explosion Investigators have investigated several thousand fires. Veco also offers safe evidence storage of fire evidence for subrogation claims.

Structural Evaluation

Reliable assessment of the structural integrity of residential and commercial structures and determination of the cause of failure and possible remedies. Engineers have expertise in foundation and design, construction techniques and interior and exterior cladding.

Damage Analysis

Inspection of damaged residential and commercial structures and determination of the nature and extent of damages caused by foundation failure, hurricane, hailstorms, and tornados, and necessary repairs.

Moisture Intrusion Problems

VECO offers state of the art technology and infrared scanning, giving engineers the capability to trace the source of moisture in structures and detect its cause.

Slip/Trip Accident Evaluations

VECO Consulting’s Licensed Engineer and Certified Walkway Safety Expert will evaluate injury locations to determine applicable standards and codes to determine compliance. 

Code Research

Fast and accurate code research in current and historical building codes at our fingertips in Veco’s extensive library.

Expert Witness

With over twenty years of testifying experience in local and regional State and Federal courts throughout the Southeast, Veco consulting offers trustworthy case analysis and expert witness services, including professional photographs and reports.

Engineers have testified in liability, fire, trip and fall and accident reconstruction cases.

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